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23 November 2011 @ 04:21 am
[ insert interesting informative introduction here about how attempts were made at a guide but none of them seemed to work so here are tsubasa and jun with DA NEWZ ]

ZODION: A Newcomer's Guide

Hello, and welcome to Zodion. Your letter from the Twelve outlined the vague basics of the situation; however, this is rarely considered enough information for comfort and as such residents have created this guide for other residents to share with newcomers at will. It is a simple outline of the facts as we've seen them and are subject to change, given Zodion's erratic nature. Please feel free to share it or make suggestions for additions.

① Where did this weird tattoo come from?
You should find a tattoo somewhere on your person. Your body may be different than you remember it being before. It may have aged, or perhaps you were not human before arriving here. Regardless, every resident is branded with a tattoo of one of the twelve signs of the western zodiac, dependent on your date of birth. In order, they are Aries (♈), Taurus (♉), Gemini (♊), Cancer (♋), Leo (♌), Virgo (♍), Libra (♎), Scorpio (♏), Sagittarius (♐), Capricorn (♑), Aquarius (♒), and Pisces (♓).
② What do they mean by 'worship'?
Worship in Zodion entails in engaging in some sort of sex act at least once per month. There are no known stipulations on this in regards to gender or type of act. Refusal to participate is known to cause trouble with sleeping after a couple of weeks, and at the beginning of your fourth week, you will find yourself affected by an aphrodisiac of sorts forcing you to seek relief.
③ Can I go home?
There is no known path out of Zodion. Attempts to leave Zodion at will have all failed thus far. Those who have escaped appear to have done so at the will of the Twelve, and the length of tenure spent in Zodion appears to be random. It is also possibly to be sent home only to return -- either with the memories of your previous stay or without them. Additionally, all data currently suggests that time is not passing in your absence back home, so when you return, it will be as if you never left.
④ This can't be real and I don't believe in magic.
A quick look around will show you that if they aren't gods, they're something close to it. We're told that the purpose of worship is to help the world of Zodion 'grow', and if you watch, you'll indeed see the world blooming around you. Additionally, residents have come to expect that every few weeks, give or take, they become subject to a certain sort of mind control, or strange inexplicable things happen that cause us to do things that we wouldn't do under any other circumstance. These games tend to be sexual in nature.
⑤ Whoa, I just created fire with my hands! / Hey, why can't I fly anymore?
If you possessed a supernatural ability of some sort before arriving, you will find that it has been weakened or sealed completely. Power can be gained back from the Twelve with successful worship and time. If you did not possess any sort of ability, the Twelve will have gifted you one. It will likely take trial and error to discover it.
⑥ So now what?
The Twelve provide you with housing, should you choose to accept it, and if you visit the bank you'll find you have a bank card with a sum of money available to make do with until you discover another means of earning it. Until then:
  • There are many businesses around the city that need help.
  • Subra Sirius is the name of the clinic in the Earth district, should you need medical assistance or information on maintaining sexual health.
  • Eclipse in the fire district can assist you with worship for a nominal fee.
  • The library has a number of books containing information on sex and the human body available for your perusal.
  • Residents have been known to disappear and fall asleep for weeks at a time and later return safely, albeit disoriented and out of the loop.
  • For your birthday, the Twelve will gift you a card with a sex act depicted on it. Successful completion of the act earns you a reward.
⑦ Anything else?
Last but not least, and this is very important: perhaps it goes without saying, but the Twelve are only occasionally benevolent and often mischievous or careless. Strange things tend to happen here often, where you may find your senses out of your control and end up doing things you might not do under normal circumstances. Active participation in and resistance to worship have been found to be equally ineffective protest to our imprisonment, and caution is advised.

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