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29 November 2011 @ 11:42 pm
Name & LJ: Shannon / hirasaka
Birthdate & Age: 12/17/89 / ALMOST 22
Characters played in Zodion: Jun Kurosu

(Marquise) Spinneret Mindfang
Canon: MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck
PB/Image: Here & here.
NOTE: Mindfang is an alien called a troll and frankly the trolls' physical biology is mostly a mystery beyond an outwardly humanoid appearance. I'm hoping she'll be allowed to retain her gray skin, fangs, blue blood, and horns. Also, given what we do know about troll biology, I sincerely doubt the trolls have the kind of human genitalia we would recognize, so I'll leave it up to the Twelve to fix that and provide her with the right equipment.
Info links: MSPA wiki; Mindfang's Journal Part 1 (pages 5407 to 5419); Mindfang's Journal Part 2 (pages 5646 to 5659); Ancestor Arc (pages 5953 to 5972; not directly related to Mindfang herself but elaborates on the lives of the trolls' ancestors and the Sufferer's rebellion).
Canon Point: After writing the last entry in her journal
Gender: Female, mentally and physically.
Age: Hard to say, but likely several hundred years old. The lifespan of a troll is generally dictated by their rank on the hemospectrum (the color of their blood), assuming their lives aren't cut short otherwise in a violent and bloody society. Trolls with common red blood are said to not live more than a dozen or two solar sweeps (with each solar sweep equaling roughly 2 earth years), and the Troll Empress, whose blood is tyrian purple, has lived for thousands of years. Mindfang's blood is cerulean blue, putting her on the higher end of the hemospectrum. She is most definitely over 18. Given the Empress's youthful appearance thousands of years later, we can say that physical aging is not a concern, so Mindfang has the appearance of an adult woman.
Birthdate/Sign: No canon birthdate, but each of the main trolls and their ancestors are assigned one of the zodiac signs. Mindfang's is Scorpio, and her birthdate will be November 8th, given her penchant for the number eight and spiders. Luckily, Scorpio is also the sign that fits Mindfang best: she has a very intense and magnetic personality, marked by sensuality and her taste for adventure. She can be ruthless, sadistic, and dangerous as well, evidenced by her readiness to turn the crowd at her trial against Neophyte Redglare with her power, sentencing Redglare to death instead of herself. Her journal shows that she has a secretive nature as well, admitting that she hesitates to share the feelings spilled in its pages with any companions.
Tattoo: Above her left breast.
Suitability: N/A
Power: ALL KNOWING CUE BALL?? idk or Fluorite Octet
Personality: To know Mindfang, one must know her descendant, Vriska Serket -- or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that to know Vriska, one must know Mindfang. Vriska is one of the only kids in her group of friends to believe in the troll society notion of "ancestors", their close genetic matches that lived thousands of years before them. Young trolls are meant to seek out clues and artifacts from their ancestors and regard their ancestors as role models for their adulthood. Vriska finds Mindfang's journals, reaffirming her belief that Mindfang is the troll she should aspire to be and going so far as to name her Flarp character after her.

Mindfang was a highblood troll who outlived the Signless's rebellion, and a famous pirate who plundered the Alternian seas with her sea-dweller kismesis, Orphaner Dualscar (the ancestor of Eridan Ampora). She lived the dangerous and exciting life of highblood nobility, and had a number of lovers that was perhaps atypical even for trolls with their complicated societal notion of polyamory.

She had a number of important relationships in the course of her life, both caliginous and flushed. Perhaps the most famous was her kismesissitude with Orphaner Dualscar, who desired a shift in their relationship to the flushed quadrant, and hated Mindfang's "redrom games" with commonblooded trolls, implying that she's quite the flirt. In his jealousy he had one of Mindfang's lovers killed - the slave woman known as the Dolorosa (the ancestor of Kanaya Maryam).

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