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24 November 2011 @ 02:56 am

happy thanksgiving! ♡

emily ❧ even before we were plurk friends i've always admired the smart and insightful things you have to say on tumblr. like quinn you're not afraid to speak your mind and you do it in an eloquent and admirable way. i'm looking forward to getting to know you better.
beato ❧ idk if you'll read this since you've been AWOL for awhile, but we miss you and i'm really glad i got to play with your maya when i did and get to know you! she was amazing and so are you. i hope school is going okay.
fridge ❧ i'm really thankful for getting to know you better since amat. i have a lot of fun with you and think you're a pretty great person to have as a friend and someone to rp with. you're super talented no matter what you say, with writing and art and cosplay and being the number one smoking pudding-eating aardvark-keeping fridge ever. and i would have to swim across more than just the pacific ocean to find someone who will let me speak freely of spanking naoya's catholic boy ass and dragging gently manicured nails over his butt skin. ILY!!!! and maplehoof loves fucking shizuo's hot butt.
eric ❧ i've always thought you were cool and outspoken (in a good way) even before we added each other, and i'm glad we did because getting to know you better has been a lot of fun and it's nice knowing that there are cool people who aren't terribly far away from me 8( someday i'll come see you and your cosplay in person at a con or something because that is a thing that needs to happen.
mia ❧ i miss rping with you!! but it was a lot of fun when we did and i enjoy seeing you pop in on my timeline when you do, not to mention the fact that holy crap your art is amazing and just getting better every day. you are one cool pretty talented lady.
mitsu ❧ i feel super lucky to be your friend even though i pined after you and duski forever secretly ahahah 8'3 thank you for helping me get into camp and playing with me there, it's been tons of fun and so has getting to know you better! i hope to continue it for a long time.
kei ❧ thank you for being a great friend and a good mod. regardless of what's happened over the past few days, i still support you guys and am glad for the hard work you've put into a game i love. shit happens, mistakes are made, but all you can do is move forward and i know you are strong enough for it.
mimi ❧ we don't know each other very well yet but i'm looking forward to getting to know you better! what i do know is that you are a qt and what kind of toolbag would i be if i didn't want more awesome people around who like persona 2. (a tooly toolbag.) i'm glad we became friends. 83
meg 1 ❧ i always thought you were badass when we were in amat and my only regret is that we didn't become friends sooner!! i enjoy having you around to light up my life with wiimotes and nickelback and can always count on you to bring me to tears -- of ugly laughter.
moot ❧ we've been friends for a long time now, jeez...well i've always admired you a lot, and it's crazy how much you've improved in both art and writing in the past year. it inspires me to want to do better too, seeing how hard you work and the kind of progress you've been able to make. thank you for being the dapperest gentleman on my timeline.
lock ❧ SOMEONE ELSE I'VE BEEN FRIENDS WITH FOR A LONG TIME...i can't believe we've been hanging out for two years now. thank you for being there for me and offering me a shoulder to lean on when i need it or someone to scream at when i'm frustrated even at petty stuff, and for being one of the most reliable and awesome people i've had a chance to rp with and befriend. you have a lot of talent and i admire your ability to spread it around.
elendraug ❧ i'm glad we added each other because you are already a totally cool guy and i am happy when you pop on my timeline with intelligent commentary about important stuff or input on the homestucks or macros. and thank you for the rose icons, too ;w;
em ❧ i have always coveted your friendship from afar so i was really happy when you wanted to shove jun and yosuke in the same room together at EV fjdklkfk. your art and writing have always been amazing so it's a real honor getting to know you better and i hope it will continue in the future.
sam ❧ i feel like i have a lot of things to be thankful to sam for, but especially for the fact that we're still friends even though we met when i was even dumber than i am now somehow and embarrassing as hell. >_> thanks for almost 3 years of having someone i can count on having opinions i can respect and things that make me smile and now we we even get to rp together too, after somehow dodging that repeatedly for 2 1/2 years. jun is also thankful for hanbei in his own fickle way okok...
erin ❧ erin, thank you for pooping on my timeline for so long, my life wouldn't be the same without it. i am glad to know someone as genuinely nice as you with the bonus of being funny as hell, and i can't really imagine my life being erinless, that would suck and there would be less poop and dragons.
jae ❧ god you're all grown up now, i remember when you were a babby...for real, though, it's been crazy (in a good way) watching you grow up in the past couple of years. it's shown in your art and in your personality, too. thank you for also not ditching me even though you've probably seen me at my most embarrassing oops...
fal ❧ even though you're not in z anymore, it's been a pleasure finally getting to know you through it, and i will always treasure the way leaks made jun cry and when you let me play off your badass sudou too. thank you for brightening up my timeline with lovely art and meat shit BL games.
rea ❧ you are another awesome person i've known for a long time. i always have a lot of fun when we talk when it's about something we have in common or not, and again thank you for not ditching me when i've been like the grodiest person ever LMFDLSAkfmkds. i think you're genuinely a nice person and those people are kind of hard to come by.
kinks ❧ i feel like we've gotten a lot closer lately and i'm so thankful for that. you are one of the best friends and castmates i could ask for and we've had so many awesome conversations. maybe this is creepy but i feel very close to you!! sobs. thank you for always being there for me and being an awesome writer (no matter what you say okay) aaaand basically someone i can always count on if i need something -- anything at all, including buttpats but also pure honesty.
shannon ❧ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, i know we've all said it before but idk what i would do without you and lulu and quinn, you guys are my lifeblood and i'm pretty sure i would be dead right now without all of you. it amazes me how strong you've been and continue to be and i'm thankful for every day that you're still in my life with your kawaii face and that i can tell you anything whether it's about fapping or dancing to harvest moon songs or my tender feefees. quinn and lulu need you too so every day i'm just thankful you're alive and even more when you're smiling. I LOVE YOU. i can't say it enough, you are a gentle creature but also a ferocious adorable beast!! i would catch a grenade for you.
neko ❧ hey robotfucker, thank you for being the constant dildo presence in my life for so long now (idek how long!! a long time). i feel like you Understand me about certain things that no one else will (yaois and yuris) and you are a joyful person i care about very much and i would give you all the robots in the world to rub on erotically.
faye ❧ faye you continue to be like, one of the sweetest people i know and so infinitely deserving of better than what you have (other than aki, of course) because you work so hard and have so much talent in you. thank you for being someone i can talk to when i need it, an awesome person to rp with, and an extremely talented artist who has drawn me many things that i treasure with all of my haato.
anna ❧ i am also glad i accepted your ninja friend request, it was probably long overdue and i'm glad we became friends. talking to you pretty much every day on irc has been awesome and i wouldn't trade that shit for anything. i also wouldn't trade jun's cr with kanji either because it is adorable and you are the best ever.
linh ❧ thank you for being the best porn fairy ever!! and also someone i've been really glad to get closer to, because you are genuinely a good and beautiful person with a lot of talent in so many areas and you should be damn proud of it. i have so much to thank you for including kawaii drawings and icons and being an awesome friend and devil on my shoulder. 8'3
jas ❧ i feel like i can count on you to be honest with me or provide points of view i may not be able to see up from my perch on the summit of mount self-satisfied, and i value that a lot. thank you for being a great friend and someone i can count on to care what's going on with me even when i'm not at my best, and also someone i've had a lot of fun with in the past (and now) in rp and otherwise.
meg 2 ❧ you are so kind and hardworking even when you're having rough times. it really shows, and through all of that you still manage to care about the others around you, and that means a lot to me, and i'm sure it means a lot to the rest of your friends too. plus, you're an incredible artist, and i've always loved your unique style and wit.
lauren ❧ you've been through so much this past year -- way more than i could handle, tbh -- and still manage to be a graceful and caring person. thank you for your years of friendship and every cute animal to brighten up my day.
lita ❧ you have always been cool and smart beyond your years, and i still think that's true even though babby is growing up. i know we're rarely involved in the same things but you still take an interest in what i do and that means a lot in its own way, so thank you for that and being a good friend.
kyrie ❧ feels like just yesterday you were misfiring comments at me...but really, you are a sweet person who is very sensitive to the feelings of others, and i enjoy having you around for a lot of reasons, but that's definitely one of them, since i can be callous and awful and sometimes i need sweet vanilles to rein me back in.
hales ❧ you put up with so much crap online and off, and it's amazing to me how strong you are sometimes. i think you're a pretty awesome dude and even when we're not involved in the same things i like that we can still talk and chat like normal and have a good time, it means a lot.
chels ❧ awwoooo my sweet babby...you are like sugar coating my timeline tainted with erin's poop and my acid. you are super talented and probably the cutest person ever, i want to scoop you up forever. ;u;
kiwi ❧ ahhh god i feel like i have a lot to thank you for, like putting up with me being crazy and demanding in all walks of life, and being moody while my life is on a rollercoaster, and doing your best to pick me up when i'm down. thank you for playing tatsuya with me for more than a year now (who would've thought, huh) but more than that thank you for being my friend and giving me stuff to look forward to that brightens up my shitty little life. you are great and i couldn't ask for a better rp partner and pal, for being both talented and patient as hell.
thorny ❧ i'm so glad you tagged me on those memes way back then and asked to be friends; it's something i have only gotten joy from in all the time i've gotten to spend with you, whether it's on plurk or playing together in z where you will definitely be missed. you are very talented and a kind person i care about very much.
maki ❧ you are probably drunk right now as i write this but that's okay, you are a badass and one of the coolest people i know. not only are you talented but i can always trust you to be honest when something's up too, and i value that a lot.
angie ❧ like kinks i'm really glad i've gotten to know you even better than i did before because you're someone i value a lot as a friend. you've got a good head on your shoulders and a lot of talent, and i'm sorry you've been having such a rough time lately because you deserve a lot better. you're wonderful and i'm thankful we're still friends after all this time, after adachi creeped on nena at amat.
matty ❧ you are genuinely a nice guy and an awesome addition to z and my friends. thank you for being the cool dude in our sea of #atm ladies and also totally legit about everything that's gone down recently...i admire that because i probably would have split a bitch's head open tbh.
jen ❧ like i said with kei, thank you for all the hard work you guys have done making a place i love to play, even if things haven't been going so well in the past few days. you are an awesome lady and HBIC. i feel like i can come to you with anything so thank you for that and being the hottest gaga in my life with the most fab shoes and silver haired gays.
may ❧ you're a very hardworker and a kind person and a pretty lady i like very much. whether it's about life or homestucks or whatever i can always count on you to have something smart to input and a big heart for everyone around you.
norr ❧ you are seriously one of the coolest people ever and also gorgeous okay. i think you have a lot of smart things to say and i value your input on all sorts of issues, and i think it's obvious you care a lot about your friends, too. ;w; and zodion would have a huge tony shaped hole in it if you weren't around.
meg 3 ❧ god in the grand scheme of things i don't think we've known each other for that long but it feels like we have because you are one of the most awesome people in my life and i'm pretty sure i would have gone insane by now if i didn't have you to validate my feelings and scream about the yaois. you are an awesome lady and a talented writer and someone i have a lot of respect for as both that and a friend.
karu ❧ you are one of the sweetest people ever and thank you for IMing me to check up on me when i'm not doing so well. i'm not always the best at IMing but it means a lot more than i can say to know someone's there.
rachel 1 ❧ i remember when i saw your art on pixiv and realized you spoke english and used plurk so i didn't put it in my profile because i thought you'd be mad...anyway ily and you are so crazy mature for your age -- smart, funny, and talented too. ty for being my friend even though i'm creepy and old.
nami ❧ it's been so long since you creeped on adachi with miha!! loser :\ okay no thank you for being my friend for this long and engaging me in long snarkfests and rping with me and being someone i know i can trust not to like share my shit or shit all over my face. it means a lot and you've always tried to advise me in one way or the other when i've needed it.
rachel 2 ❧ i'm really glad we get to talk more directly lately because i've always admired you and thought you were super awesome and smart!! i am lucky to have the coolest lady for a friend and i admire how much effort you put into making everyone feel welcome at z, and how you did the same at amat with hana. i know it made me feel welcome way back when, and it meant a lot.
merry ❧ someone else whose friendship i coveted for a long time...along with your talent, because it is grandiose and idk how you manage to play all your characters evenly and awesomely. thank you for playing with me and being a cool lady up and down my timeline.
xel ❧ you are lovely, xel, and i know i can always count on you to bring up jun and rimming in my life when i need it the most. you can always make me laugh and you're a crazy talented writer too, as you've made evident with your range of characters and sexy dudes. i am glad to have you as my friend after all this time...however long it's been. AWHILE.
nino ❧ ninoooo you are so strong and responsible and still manage to make time for your friends and things you enjoy doing. it's really impressive and you are an awesome person i'm glad to still be friends with after all this time, whether we're currently involved in what the other is doing or not.
duski ❧ i'm glad you added me when i asked even if i was just a creeper out of nowhere and i'm glad we've had a chance to get to know each other better recently because you're a really great person i love talking to and playing off of in camp. it's good to have someone to talk to who feels the same about certain Things and Stuff, or someone who's just up as late as i am LMFAO.
ankari ❧ hahaha you've definitely seen me at my most embarrassing...i don't even need to say what it is LFMDOSfdsk but ilu and i'm glad we're still friends after all this time because i know you're a good person who really cares about her friends and more talented than you know. you're also very reliable and that means a lot to me because that's not a trait everyone has, and it's a very important one.
shahni ❧ you've been through so much recently and if anyone deserves a hug, it's you. you are such a sweetheart and an awesome writer and artist who i will miss playing with but am glad to still have as a friend. thank you for being my friend ;w;
doc ❧ i'm glad i manned up and finally asked you to be friends because i've always thought you were cool and still think so now. i hope we can become better friends in the future despite whatever happens because you are an awesome lady to talk to and play with.
lulu ❧ omg i love you so much??? you are my fiercest bitch and like i said to shannon idk where i would be without you and her and quinn. the way you've always stood up for me and had my back no matter what means more than i can say, and supported me when i had it in me to stop being a little bitch and actually talk about how i feel haha. not only that, but you're talented too and a fucking prince and anyone who says otherwise is a shit eater. i love you, gayngsters for life, we ride together we die together, etc. someday i will be as fierce and fearless as you.
quinn ❧ on top of what i already said to lulu and shannon about you guys being my lifeblood, you are someone i admire so much, not only for dealing with the shit you deal with every day but not being afraid to stand up for what you believe in and managing to be eloquent and intelligent about it at the same time. the number of times you've written things this year that have resonated not just with me but other people too...well i can't count them. you are the coolest guy i know and we all love you more than anything, ur our king and we will catch all the gren8des for you!!!!!!!! all of them.
rift ❧ thanks for being an awesome friend to talk to and play with. you have a lot of talent with everything you do and i'm happy when i get to do stuff with you. also i think my life would be pretty empty without drunk plurks about ryan gosling and rpattz.
evy ❧ i miss you at Z already but i've always treasured the cr we had whether it was rai and jun or gareki and adachi ;_;v and even more treasured you as a friend. you are super talented and smart and adorable to everyone, thank you for sticking with me.
lain ❧ ily so much lain!! you are so cool and funny and talented, and i admire the way you stick by your friends. thank you for being friends with me for such a long time, i appreciate having you around and lending me an ear or a cozy when i need it.
aki ❧ i almost wrote izaya instead of 'aki'...anyway ily, no matter what some dumbasses say you are extremely talented -- maybe not perfect, but you know that, and you're perfect enough to everyone who matters anyway. thank you for listening to me when im nutsy and playing with me and being my friend for this long after rook and i awkwardly made you get a plurk askahjlsdkf.
jouke ❧ thank you for being my friend for so long *^* even if we don't talk as much as we used to i still love having you around with your skyballs and gamzees and your amazing art. you are awesome and ily dearly. take care of jas for me............
tengu & frankie ❧ you guys get one together because i can't imagine you not being together in everything ever. thanks for being my friends for so long through coleslaw and publicbathroom star wars rp and every single nutter ever. i love you guys and you are the writers i aspire to be and look to for inspiration when i want to get better, and i want to have a relationship like yours with someone someday.
vivs ❧ i pined for you on tumblr from afar because we were into the same stuff and i'm glad to finally add you on plurk even if i'm always spamming with my dumb crap haha. like meg i feel like you Understand me about Things and i am glad to have more homestuck and persona 2 pals around .w.
sami ❧ sami you are just the sweetest person ever and i'm glad kt has you!! thank you for being my friend for so long and a joy to have around everywhere through thick and thin.
rae ❧ ily rae!! you have grown up a lot but you are still the sweetie you were when we met a few years ago. thank you for sticking around me for so long.
kt ❧ you deal with a lot of crap you don't deserve at all and i'll always back you up because you are a nice person who's just doing her damnedest to enjoy yourself and you deserve better than the crap people have given you. i also feel really lucky to have been playing with you for so long now. i love you and i hope this next year is better to you!!
kaze ❧ i've also known you since you were the smallest babby and it's crazy how much your art has improved since then...it's amazing, and inspiring too. thank you for being my friend for this long and listening to me when i needed it ;_;
rook ❧ there's probably a lot i could say here but mostly thank you for your friendship and thank you for showing me almost two years of what it was like to really love someone. even if that's in the past now, it's nothing i've forgotten, and the things you and your family did for me in that time still mean a lot to me, and i'm thankful we're still friends now.
happy accident.peacediner on November 25th, 2011 05:15 am (UTC)

; /////////////// ; this is so sweet of you aaaaaaah gosh ;; i'm SO glad we know each other and that we've continued to get to know each other more and more over the past year. sometimes it's hard to believe i've known you so long but then i sit and think about all the things that have happened and the infinite, like i could honestly not sit and count them all, there's too many, laughs and tears and everything in between that's gone down in just the course of a year. i'm really thankful to have you in my life and especially to have you as such a good, kind, considerate friend! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
EXCITER.beermarsh on November 25th, 2011 07:10 am (UTC)
Tarou Kuriharapristinewhite on November 25th, 2011 07:11 am (UTC)
im not drunk anmore
☆vanillasalt on November 25th, 2011 05:17 pm (UTC)
ahhhh thank you bb ♥ i'm really glad for having you as a friend, and LMFAO I MISS YOU TONS and i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving